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About a month ago, something happened which caused my Windows XP clients to
not be able to connect to Windows 2003 shares or Samba shares over the VPN.
All other network traffic works perfectly (ping, ssh, etc...).  The server
is set to push the WINS server, which shows up in 'ipconfig /all'.  'net
view' shows the available computers, after about 2 minutes.

When I attempt to connect to a Windows share, it just hangs for about 5
minutes.  After that time, a username/password dialog box pops up for
authenticating myself.  In Windows' infinite wisdom, you can't enter your
current username/password.  If I change to a different username/password, it
sometimes will work.

Anyone else experiencing this?

Windows XP SP2 Clients (OpenVPN 2.0.9)
OpenBSD 3.8 Server (OpenVPN 2.0.6 & 2.0.9)
Windows Server SP1 File Server
Ubuntu Edgy Eft File Server

Stephen Gerstacker
Sr. Database Developer
Electronic Data Payment Systems
p: 866.578.9740 x114
f: 866.578.9740

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