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Re: TAP driver updates for XP64 and Vista

James Yonan wrote:

I built everything from source using the MS DDK version 3790.1830. The 32 bit version was built using the Windows server 2003 free x86 target environment,

I have build 32 bit version with "Windows XP Free Build Environment".

and the 64 bit version was built with the Windows server 2003 free x64 target environment.

tapinstall.exe was built for each of 32/64 bits using the DDK devcon code (tapinstall is basically devcon renamed) and the target environments listed above.

The TAP driver source code used is here:


See the i386 and amd64 subdirectories for 32 and 64 bit inf files.

The source and inf file code for 32 bit I have checked.  Is the same I used.