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Re: [Openvpn-users] ifconfig-push + iproute2 problem

> This is happening on the client, right?

Yes. On client side.

> Do you have persist-tun specified? If so, does it help if you turn it off?

Yes. I was turn it on, but turning it off doesn't help me.
In log file appear:
Jul 18 10:25:06 openvpn[13397]: Closing TUN/TAP interface

but if with ifconfig command i still see the interface with ip assigned 
that cause the problem.

I solved this issue by init script, but is not very smart solution...

> BTW, please don't start new threads on mailing lists by replying to old 
> messages and changing the subject line

Oh. Sorry... You was very kind to explain me in detail the consequence 
of my mistake. I usually don't use mailing list to solve problem, then i 
need practice :-)
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