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Re: [Openvpn-users] Replacing Mailing-List by Forum !!

In <20060519105005.2A787164278@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>, Matt Adams <mattad@xxxxxxxxx> typed:
> The traffic in this Mailing-List is much to high, the search features are
> very unconvenient.

Huh? This is a pretty low volume list. Maybe you need a better mail

But yeah, sourceforge mail list archives pretty much suck. But that's
got nothing to do with the mail list/forum distinction. There are mail
list archives with good search functionality, and forums with bad
search functionality.

If you want better search functionality, get a newsgroup created to
gateway it to, then you can use google groups.

Meanwhile, leave the blasted thing alone.

Mike Meyer <mwm@xxxxxxxxx>		http://www.mired.org/consulting.html
Independent Network/Unix/Perforce consultant, email for more information.

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