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Re: [Openvpn-users] VPN client as gateway


On Sun, Apr 16, 2006 at 11:14:56AM +0000, Daniel Nielsen wrote:

>  So my question is (and maybe it's a dumb one) if I use the linux boxes internal
> network address, say, on the win98 boxes as a gateway will the
> traffic be encrypted? 

In general, it is just a matter of routing for you ;-) If you have
enabled ip_forwarding on your linux clients you probably use the
encrypted tunnel for your traffic as long as an appropriate route is
using it. Additionally you have to ensure that the OpenVPN-Server is
also using this tunnel in order to send packets to theses Win98 clients.

Take a look into the "route" and "iroute" options. They might help you.

> traffic be encrypted? Or should I use the openvpn address, say, as the
> gateway and will that traffic be encrypted? Either way seems to work fine.

No. Take the address of your LAN interface and not the one of the
tunnel. Using the LAN interface you have a clear picture of the

>  I really like this arrangment and would just like to setup all my remote
> locations this way and not have to install the openvpn client on all the XP
> boxes at those offices. Maybe just install the client on the laptops that travel
> around.

Yes. that is a good idea.

Best regards,


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