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[Openvpn-users] newbe needs help setting up routes

  • Subject: [Openvpn-users] newbe needs help setting up routes
  • From: "arnold" <arnold@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 23 Oct 2005 17:49:14 +0200

hello all ,
I'm new to vpn and pritty new to linux , so forgive me any stupid questions.
i'm trying to setup a vpn from my home to my office.
on both sides i have a linksys nslu2 with openvpn installed on the internal network.
on the office side
lan 90.0.0.x  (don't ask me why the 90. range )
internet gateway
nslu2 openvpn server
on home side i can make it anything i want but for now i made it
internet gateway
nslu openvpn client
now i would like to set it up so that i can reach any pc on the office lan from any pc from my home lan.
all routing i tryed so far didn't do anything or i lost my acces to the nslu2 (only way to acces is thru it's only ethernet connection)
please give me some advise...
thanks , arnold