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Re: [Openvpn-users] Re: All NICs are unusable after install of OpenVPN

  • Subject: Re: [Openvpn-users] Re: All NICs are unusable after install of OpenVPN
  • From: Leonard Isham <leonard.isham@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 7 Oct 2005 11:51:21 -0400

On 10/7/05, Roger Håkansson <hson@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Terry Dooher wrote:
> >
> > Wild conjecture time: Is it possible that some legitimate firewall or
> > other security software has its hooks into XP's networking in such a way
> > that the addition of the TAP adaptor causes it to break in some way,
> > rendering the rest of your network devices inoperable, either by design
> > (panic mode) or by fault?
> >
> He reinstalled the laptop (due to the fact that you can't get a laptop
> with swedish keyboard but with english XP) when he got it a few months
> ago using a Windows XP SP2-DVD plus updates from Windows Update and he
> hasn't installed any dodgy firewalls or other security software(except
> Cisco's VPN 3000 software if you count that as "security software).

Did he get the manufacturers drivers from their web site and install them?

> Another of my users has a HP nc6220 which seem to have the same hardware
> NICs and he has no problem with OpenVPN.
> I've asked him to try to uninstall the Cisco software and then try to
> install OpenVPN, but I'm not sure that will do the trick since most of
> us have both on our laptops (except the guy with the nc6220) and
> desktops and there have been zero problems during the nine months we
> have used OpenVPN.
> > With OpenVPN installed, try just removing the TAP adaptor, so we can see
> > if the it's the driver or the software causing this.
> He says he can't do that, then the laptop totally hangs and he has to
> reboot in safe mode and remove OpenVPN to be able to boot normally.
> Just disabling the "TAP-NIC" doesn't work either, nothing happens when
> he selects the "TAP-NIC"->(right-click)->Disable, not even after a reboot.

Leonard Isham, CISSP
Ostendo non ostento.

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