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Re: [Openvpn-users] OpenVPN: bridging the really weird networks

  • Subject: Re: [Openvpn-users] OpenVPN: bridging the really weird networks
  • From: mts.spb.suxx@xxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 7 Sep 2005 17:49:30 +0400

Hello list,

Wednesday, September 7, 2005, 12:54:10 PM, I wrote:
mssmr>   In the quest for the most secure and fast networking in my really
mssmr>   small LAN I've disabled "NetBIOS over TCP/IP" and installed NetBEUI
mssmr>   instead. All the networking operates as expected, TCP/IP is used
mssmr>   only for POP3, SMTP and HTTP access.

mssmr>   Now I want to provide the remote connection to the LAN. The server
mssmr>   part of the OpenVPN v2.0.2 is on winXP-SP2, the client part is on
mssmr>   winXP-SP2 too.

mssmr>   My network (on the client machine) bindings are:
mssmr>     File_and_printer_sharing_for_MSnetworks->NetBEUI->TAP-win32
mssmr>     Client_for_MSnetworks->NetBEUI->TAP-win32

mssmr>   Do I get it right - I need to do the same binding with the "bridged
mssmr>   connection" on the server machine? Like this:
mssmr> File_and_printer_sharing_for_MSnetworks->NetBEUI->dridged_TAP-win32_and_NIC
mssmr>     Client_for_MSnetworks->NetBEUI->bridged_TAP-win32_and_NIC

mssmr>   In my client's OpenVPN configuration:
mssmr>        dev tap
mssmr>        dev-node OpenVPN  # this is the renamed TAP-win32 adapter
mssmr>   What should I put in the server's configuration? Is it:
mssmr>        dev tap
mssmr>        dev-node bridged_connection_name

mssmr>  Do I get it right - since I'm bridging rather than routing - I need
mssmr>  not care about the DNS, default gateway and other IP parameters?
mssmr>  Especially if I'm on NetBEUI.

I'm halfway there. I can see and use the shared resources on the
server machine but can not reach anything beyond it.

Best regards,
 Tony                mailto:mts.spb.suxx@xxxxxxx

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