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[Openvpn-users] Re: Bandwith usage

  • Subject: [Openvpn-users] Re: Bandwith usage
  • From: Hans Wolff <hwolff@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 30 Mar 2005 20:23:24 +0000 (UTC)

Patrick Marquetecken <patrick.marquetecken <at> pandora.be> writes:

> Hi,
> I have setup a test lan to see if openvpn is a good solution for us.
> I dit tranfers and stress test with and without openvpn.
> Without openvpn we can use the compleet 100mbit bandwith, but with openvpn
> it goes to a max of 60%, i supose its because of the compression.
> Is there a way to use the other 40% of our 100bmit connection, i find it a
> bit waste not to use it, or will heavy usage on the tunnel enlarge the
> bandwith usage ?
> Patrick

The magic question is, how much bandwidth are you going to be having across
these two sites? 

I did some load testing of my own using netserver/netperf and attained about a
5-6MB connection on a 10MB switch (1024bit 3DES-CBC encryption and LZO
compression). When testing it in the real world, however, I can repeatedly
achieve 2.8 to 3MB/s transfer rate on a 2.5MB cable modem connection using the
same testing methods. Both endpoints are either 2.4Ghz P4's or Celerons without
any hardware SSL acceleration using OpenBSD 3.6 and OpenVPN 2.0.

Performance over a 2.5MB/256k cable modem connection to a 5MB/1MB frame relay
pipe has showed little to no degradation in speed with the use of OpenVPN versus
connecting straight out to the Internet.
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