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[Openvpn-users] post-connect script with win32


there are some problems with an OpenVPN on a XP machine, that is not actually  
administrated by me. So I'm not sure what exactly they did to configure the 
machine in that manner.

The installed OpenVPN is version 1.5, the server with FreeBSD has the same 

The TAP device is not visible, but it is working so far. But it won't show up 
in the 'network connection' overview, and even when the machine is connected 
it won't show up in the panel. The owner installed 'service pack 2' some 
weeks ago, can there be a interrelationship?

I wrote a script, that should be called as a post-connect script as soon as 
the connection comes up. Therefore a call an 'up' script in openvon's 
configuration file
up "C:\\Programme\\Openvpn\\config\\openvpn.up"

And in this file there is

ping -n 20 www.heise.de > NUL
ipconfig /registerdns

But when this configuration is enabled:
The route to the vpn is not set
The script is not executed

Any hint about this?

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