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Re: [Openvpn-users] Re: tunnel + router?

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> I modified the routing on the Windows box using the "route add" command on
> the command line.  I tried using openvpn and it complains about not being able
> to execute the dll that it wants.  I haven't tried putting it into the mode
> where it just uses route.exe, expecting that the results would be the same as I
> observe.

I am not so familiar with the windows setup, but which DLL is mentioned?

> Here's the network:
> XP Client --- Router --- Satellite --- Router Cloud --- Linksys Firewall ---
> Home Machine (linux 2.2.14)

You mentioned in your posting mail that you are able to ping your
linux@home from your XP client, correct? As I assume these packets are
using the OpenVPN tunnel (you can check this with tools like tcpdump or

In this case, you have to check your linux@home: you have to configure
NAT for the addresses of the tunnel interface if you want to masquerade
them behind the linux box and let the XP box talk to the world.

But you can still check if the routing is OK. Try to ping some sites in
the internet from your XP client and take a look at the
linux@home-interface which is connected to the world, eg. ppp0. Start a
sniffer on this interface (eg. tcpdump -n -i ppp0 ) and look for packets
which are originating at the IP address of your XP client. If you see
them, NAT is the next issue to do. Otherwise you should also consider if
there are firewall rules configured on this box.

> The tunnel has to go by way of TCP because that's the only thing the router
> will allow.

that is no problem as OpenVPN is able to use it. you might think about
changing the window size of this satellite-based session due to
performance reasons but this is a different topic.



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