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[Openvpn-users] OVPN and dynamic routing

  • Subject: [Openvpn-users] OVPN and dynamic routing
  • From: "Frank Meier" <frank.meier@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: 13 Jan 2005 13:10:02 -0000

Hi there,

here at work we've the following problem:

We're using Zebra/ripd for routing and 2 OpenVPN Server to logon the 
Roadwarriors. Because the router could'nt know if there is an RW online and 
on which server, we would have that the tap/tun-devices is only up, if 
there ist a RW online. We can't make own config for all the rw and also 
can't use bridgeing as wrote in (x)inetd-howto.

This ist the client-config which  is to use:

dev tun 
proto tcp # Protokoll TCP
tls-server # Server-Konfiguration
dh /etc/openvpn/dh1024.pem # Zufallszahlen?
ca /etc/openvpn/ca.crt # Zertifikat
cert /etc/openvpn/cert.crt # <D6>ffentlicher Schl<FC>ssel
key /etc/openvpn/pem.pem # Privater Schl<FC>ssel
user openvpn # Root Rechte abgeben
group openvpn # "
comp-lzo # Kompression aktivieren
keepalive 10 60 # Verbindung am Leben halten
persist-tun #
persist-key #
verb 3 # Loglevel

port 5000 #
server # Client Netzwerk
push "route" # Routing fuer die Clients
push "route" # " 

Any clue?



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