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[Openvpn-users] resend with updates: OpenVPN on CentOS(RHES clone) and Fedora Core3..some strange things

  • Subject: [Openvpn-users] resend with updates: OpenVPN on CentOS(RHES clone) and Fedora Core3..some strange things
  • From: j p <gbuddha@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 12 Jan 2005 11:26:22 -0700

below is my original posting with the issue I have been having..
couple of updates (alas, I still have the problem/issue)..please

1. rebuilt the CentOS box/applied latest patches..(clone of RHES 3.0)

2. snagged 2.0 rc7 openvpn and compiled (this time pointing to already
centos installed openssl RPMs/files)
this time, I even generated the server certs on CentOS itself..

3. same issue, OpenVPN doesn't respond aftrer in production for a
day..I don't see any log activity
that stands out..note, I am using TCP instead of UDP..

4. only reboot is fixing this issue..

5. anyone successfully using OpenVPN on RedhatEnterprise 3.x or any
clones of it with out any

====my original posting to the list=====

Greetings folks,

1. servers on OVPN 2.0 rc6 on FC3 and CentOS 3.3(clone of RHES 3.0 with updt3),
with all latest updates..Clients are all XP SP2. using TUN on servers/clients..
2. using in routed config, custom certs all generated on FC3 and
copied/replicated on to centos box.
3.  use diff  ip/netwok for "server" (in server config file) directive
for obvious reasons..both OVPN servers are serving the same
corp/office network..
4. using TCP instead of UDP.
5. same setof "iptables" firewall rulesets..

here is the strange thing..

OVPN on FC3 seems to work with out any issues, but the one on CentOS
box does not respond,
after in production for a while..I have to reboot for it to start
responding..my verbose logs don't show
anything..it's like, there is not even a connection being
established..I have ruled out network issues etc..
external IP's on both hosts are valid and accessable, while OpenVPN on
443 port gets hung or doesn't respond on CentOS host...(i run it on
TCP 443)...

am getting a little tired of rebooting centos box. i guess I could
cron the reboot, but I would like to
find the root cause..anyone seen this issue?

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