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RE: [Openvpn-users] "reverse road warrior" scenario?

> Is the "MX" box your mail server?  Are you trying to encrypt e-mail?

Among other things.

But the scenario is that my ISP does not allow any traffic in/out on
25/TCP unless its through their mail servers, and they only allow mail
in/out that is actually from an email-adress which is in their domains.
So I cannot send a mail using an address from "my own" domain as a

So, what I have done so far is to just use port 2525 for mail, and that
has been working nicely. And just updating the DNS when my IP-changes.

But now they have started to change my IP about twice daily, and I cant
keep up with the DNS changes. And I am also a bit concerned over the
possibility of someone who gets my "old" address to actually set up a
mail-receiver on 2525. (Ok, overly paranoid maybe).

So, that's why I thougt a VPN-tunnel would be the way to solve this


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