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[Openvpn-users] routing issue with iproute2 and several local addresses

  • Subject: [Openvpn-users] routing issue with iproute2 and several local addresses
  • From: Sebastian Pein <pein@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 20 Dec 2004 13:22:49 +0100

hi list.

being about to get done a setup with more than one route to the internet. there
are two internetuplinks: one with a dynamic ip address and a static one. the
dynamic dsl uplink is for users to download mails and surf the web, the leased
line is for an ipsec vpn to another net.

the linux box itself is the default gateway for all machines equipped with 3
nics: eth0 lan, eth1 ipsec uplink, eth2 for pppd as the dsl peer. pppd sets the
default route of the box to the ppp-peer. routing to the ipsec peer is working
because of fine openswan ipsec implementation.

now to my problem. i want to drive another vpn with openvpn over the leasedline
uplink. right now, the packets reach the linux box but no packets will be sent
back. for testing purposes i did run the openvpn over my defaultroute on ppp0,
everything right on that nic. all packets were going where i expected them to
go. running the setup over a different nic than the default route one should be
possible with the kernel features in conjunction with iproute2 ("iptables -j
fwmark" and "ip rule/route"). kernel version is 2.6.9, distro debian.

in the end it all comes down to a message in the openvpn log: "No outgoing
address to send packet". google found nothing than entries in cvs-repositories
of openvpn.

openvpn is started with "local `ip of nic`", tcpdump shows the sender ip of
incoming packets. what does "No outgoing address to send packet" say? for me it
looks like something similar to "no route to host".

can anyone help?



  sebastian pein
  infinity networks gmbh

  web: www.infinity-networks.de
  fon: +49-6104-68363-0
  fax: +49-6104-68363-199
  mob: +49-163-68363-01

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