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Re: [Openvpn-users] Optimise vpn connection

Yeah, I agree with Doug. You can take away nearly any "feature" from openvpn, but this won't give you high speeds...
You just don't have enough bw...


Doug Lytle wrote:


Looking at your graph shows that you are VERY bandwidth limited. I wouldn't be trying gaming over a VPN at all. I had to look twice at your UL graph. Notices that is in Bits per second, not Kilobit. You've got the down link speeds for some basic gaming, but your uplink speeds are what's killing things.


bronson mathews wrote:

Hi i would like to make it as fast as possible, as its for gamming
ive recorded a image form a file transfer youll notice its modulating alot, from min 0k/s to max 12k/s here is the graph


While playing a game the ping was spiking(seemingly at random) and it would drop the client regularly .

ive enabled compression to help with file transfers.
ive disabled encyption
tryed udp and tcp(i dont know which is better for gaming?)

is there a way to disable the need for the following. If i blank these files will it speed it up and still work(or reduce the cvalues)?
ca sample-keys/tmp-ca.crt
cert sample-keys/client.crt

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