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Re: [Openvpn-users] 2.0 Feature Freeze Discussion

  • Subject: Re: [Openvpn-users] 2.0 Feature Freeze Discussion
  • From: "Doncho N. Gunchev" <mr700@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 3 Dec 2004 16:10:27 +0200

On 2004 12 03 (Friday) 10:56, George Ross wrote:
> > Right now the wish list is fairly small, and I'm thinking that unless 
> > there are strongly convincing arguments to hold up 2.0 in order to include 
> > them, that they should be delayed until 2.1.
> I agree.
> > My current wish list includes: ...
> Can I add a couple of things?
> 1) At the moment user/pass is in addition to TLS certificate.  Could the 
> server perhaps optionally accept either the one or the other?
> 2) The ability for the server to listen on several ports and protocols.

    I would love to see this too. While playing with 2.0 betas I found that
many ISPs have really strange ip filters - we have one that blocks almost
any UDP, another that blocks tons of TCP ports but leaves UDP, some allow
only proxy acces (they really sux) and so on and so on... Having to run
two servers (one for UDP and one for TCP) in separate ip pools makes
management harder. Delaying this for 2.1 for me is OK too...

    PS: I started playing with 2.0 from beta12 or so and I really like it.
Many thanks to James Yonan and all developers!

Kind regards,
  Doncho N. Gunchev    Registered Linux User #291323 at counter.li.org
  GPG-Key-ID: 1024D/DA454F79                        http://pgp.mit.edu
  Key fingerprint = 684F 688B C508 C609 0371  5E0F A089 CB15 DA45 4F79

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