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Re: [Openvpn-users] "--askpass file" is evil!

  • Subject: Re: [Openvpn-users] "--askpass file" is evil!
  • From: Leonard Isham <leonard.isham@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 3 Dec 2004 08:41:37 -0500

On Fri, 03 Dec 2004 13:33:07 +0000, Terry Dooher
<tdooher.lists@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> In the end, the user has to bear some responsibility for the security of their
> identification.

...but we shouldn't hand them the key to circumventing security. Any
more than we should make it soo difficult that they look for ways to
circumvent it.

Leonard Isham, CISSP 
Ostendo non ostento.

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