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Re: [Openvpn-users] --ifconfig-pool in Bridge Mode

  • Subject: Re: [Openvpn-users] --ifconfig-pool in Bridge Mode
  • From: Adam Pavelec <apavelec@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 09 Jul 2004 23:04:52 -0400

James Yonan said the following on 7/9/2004 8:40 PM:

Try running both sides at --verb 4. You should see debug messages showing the client asking the server for an ifconfig-pool address and the server responding. If that doesn't work, then try with the sample configs in the 2.0 release notes.

*Not exactly sure what to be looking for in the debug messages, but the configs are very close to being identical to those in the release notes. Here they are:

# Server
lport 55000
dev tap
ca ca.crt
cert server.crt
key server.key
dh dh2048.pem
mode server
push "route"
ping 10
ping-restart 120
push "ping 10"
push "ping-restart 60"
verb 4

# Client
remote <ip.address.of.openvpn_server>
port 55000
lport 55555 #[1]
dev tap
ca ca.crt
cert client.crt
key client.key
verb 4

[1] lport has been defined on the client side because of the possibility of multiple clients connecting to the server from the same remote LAN and Public IP address

Currently the client(s) are getting 'DHCP-ed' from a source /other than/ the OpenVPN server. In doing so, the default gateway as well as the nameserver(s) are being passed to the client, which renders their local Internet connections inoperable.

The entire client and server debug logs can be viewed here: