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[Openvpn-users] Re: Donations, was: Re: Bridging Fun

  • Subject: [Openvpn-users] Re: Donations, was: Re: Bridging Fun
  • From: Cees de Groot <cg@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 16 Jan 2004 08:58:22 +0100

James Yonan <jim@xxxxxxxxx> said:
>So please consider making some kind of donation if OpenVPN is important to
>you.  And if you are business-oriented person, I would love to hear any
>suggestions you might have on how some kind of business model could be
>constructed around OpenVPN to ensure its financial survival.
I'm actively marketing an OpenVPN-based solution here in .NL (well, for
some value of 'marketing' given that I actually have little budget for
that ;-)). It isn't taking off, exactly, given that I'm mostly talking
about teleworking and that teleworking is a luxury that lots of
companies are postponing for economically better times, but I am quite
positive that during the year, I'll manage to get some contracts (from
there on, it's word-of-mouth that needs to do the job). 

I would think it only reasonably to donate a fixed percentage
of revenue out of these contracts (10% was my idea - I'd like to donate
more than that but I'm aiming at SME and I'm pitting my time against
ever cheaper hardware-based solutions, so I have a very tight cost

A possible business model around this would be to actively brand OpenVPN
and make a sort of commercially-oriented website with success stories,
solutions, and referrals to solution providers. Anyone who wants to be
up on the site needs to a) pay a small fee to contribute in the site's
costs, and b) pledge to pay X% of OpenVPN-related revenues.

These companies could also pool up their private extensions: for
example, I have created some - admittedly simple - scripts to generate
OpenVPN configuration files for a whole project, including NSIS
scripts which 'burn' customized installers for the PC's involved; also,
a bit of documentation for end users. I'm reluctant to hand this off to
the public because I need to differentiate, but if there would be such a 
site with more likeminded companies, I'd be happy to share it there
(assuming that you would take care not to put too many competitors up
there - I'm thinking especially for OpenVPN that you want regionally
oriented shops because you want to have a quick on-site response time
and security implies trust which often starts for SME with 'being a

Cees de Groot               http://www.tric.nl     <cg@xxxxxxx>
tric, the new way           helpdesk/ticketing software, VoIP/CTI, 
                            web applications, custom development

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