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RE: [Openvpn-users] best way to keep reconnecting to a moving target

  • Subject: RE: [Openvpn-users] best way to keep reconnecting to a moving target
  • From: "Anssi Kolehmainen" <kolean-5.listat@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 5 Jan 2004 06:55:47 +0200

> > >    Note: it is *not* possible to ask the dial-up machine to
> > > connect to the server openvpn process, as the server is
> > > behind a [stateful] firewall which allows connections
> > > initiated from the inside, but not connections attempted to
> > > be initiated from the outside. And we cannot change
> > > configuration of the firewall.
> > 
> > Yes it is possible for client to talk to server, but it has 
> to be done with
> > aid of some external server.
> > You could run IRC bot on your server and then the client 
> could say "hello"
> > in IRC. Then server would execute some (sudo) script and 
> everything would
> > work like a charm.
> > 
> > Anssi Kolehmainen
>   - an external server - this might work ! (I know of an
> external server I might have access to.)  Have you seen it
> someplace implemented (I.e. do you know where could I
> "borrow" scripts to do this), or did it just occur to you ?

I did it with IRC bot named ChanShell (http://www.hhp-programming.net/).
It's a simple perl script, but it works (usually). Some other bots might
work better.

For real (linux/unix) remote servers you could perhaps keep ssh-tunnel open
and communicate thru that (client would connect to remote server port x,
which would be ssh-forwarded to the real server).


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