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Re: [Openvpn-users] Can I Use Open VPN for This ?

  • Subject: Re: [Openvpn-users] Can I Use Open VPN for This ?
  • From: "Renato Salles" <rsalles@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 7 Nov 2003 12:56:16 -0200 (BRST)
  • Importance: Normal

Mr. PAtil

Two questions:

About a "daemon" that listen for incoming request (icmp type 8) at a
certain address, and starts a script which fires up diald and stablishes
the connection between two database endpoints - client and server.

And openvpn working as this daemon.

Well, if you use OpenVPN you just need this solution, and bye bye diald.
Why use both to do the same job? If you company purchase 4 adsl links -
cheap solution and it can be a adsl/pppoe with dynamic assigned ip address
-  the connection remains always up you can connect the database endpoints
trouhgh the vpn link.



> Hi Friends,
> I have just came to know about OPEN VPN
> and curious about can I use OPEN VPN to achieve this.
> Our Organization has setup LANs at 4/5 Different Locations
> with Suse 8.2 Based Servers and 10 to 15 W9x Nodes at each place.
> Each server is a PDC + Database server and Contains some
> Stock (Inventory) Data. Nodes run In-House Developed
> Inventory Application using Delphi & Firebird as database.
> Now due to some fiscal constraints, Management need to know
> in case of shortage whether same item is in stock at some other
> locations but not ready to invest in leased lines since information
> sharing is required occasionally so only way left is Dial-up connections.
> suppose  Locations and IP addresses are as follows.
> Location A 192.168.10.* server is
> Location B 192.168.20.* server is
> Location C 192.168.30.* server is
> Location D 192.168.40.* server is
> .....
> Suppose I am At Location A.
> If the application tries to access some IP like
> say he fires....  "ping -t " at his Node
> then is it possible that the Linux Server at Location A will Automatically
> Dial to Location C and establish PPP connection ?
> Each server is Connected to Different Phone Number and
> has different login names and passwords for such incomming call.
> Simillarly I have tested each server for remote dial-in connection
> using mgetty and pppd I am able to connect if i use appropriate
> Phone number and L/P. The only thing i have to do is
> whenever such connection is required i have to fire-up
> appropriate connection manually at the server to connect to
> other server and then continue with application
> usually i am doing this with telnet to local server and fireup the
> script then continue with application.
> If yes any HOW-TO to achieve this ?  In short Dial on Demand to
> different locations depending on IP requested.
> Best Regards
> R. S. Patil
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