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Re: [Openvpn-users] vpn routing?

On Wed, 27-Aug-2003 at 11:05:38 +0200, Markus Wenke wrote:

> CLIENT3 is connected via vpn trough internet to the router. (CLIENT3's 
> IP: (tun1), ROUTER has
> Now I want that CLIENT3 becomes additional the IP, so that 
> he can comunicate with the other CLIENTs in the net (as it 
> where physicaly in it).

If you don't need broadcasts to make it to CLIENT3, then you probably want
proxy ARP.  (Bridging would work too, and get you your broadcasts, but it's
not as efficient.)

On ROUTER, do this:

	arp -Ds eth1 pub -i eth1

This tells ROUTER to respond to ARP requests on eth1 (I'll assume this is
your internal interface) with the MAC address of its own interface on eth1.
That should be it.

Take care,
Scott \\'unsch

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