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[Openvpn-users] Re: [Openvpn-users] OpenVPN: ICMP and routing working from a side only

Hi Ketyl,

Thanks to you *useful* suggestions now everythings work perfecly as expected.
I was missing a routing rule from the boxes on the "not replying subnet" :)
In fact not all the boxes were are to talk back to the VPN causing packets 
got lost, so thanks again. So I fixed adding a default gateway rule on these boxes
causing packets get back to the right VPN host.

>You didn't show us the routing tables on the boxes on the and
> networks. On all the boxes that should be able to talk on
>the VPN, you need to do something to tell them how to be able to
>communicate across it. In addition, when you ping from hostB to a box on
>the other network, notice that the ping request is sent from
>, so the boxes on that side need to be able to route
>packets back to the and hosts as well.
>It's also easy to forget to set up routing "back", ie. you set up routing one 
> way but not the other. I've done that loads of times. :o)

I think that you're not the only one :)
bye, Mat

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