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Re: [Openvpn-devel] Smartcard Authentication

Hello Jochen,

> Just visit me in my office on friday morning and I can handover you
> one or two for a test. :-) )

thanks a lot for the offer. I used one of your tokens under Linux with openct
and opensc/openct. Tomorrow I am going to do a few tests with Windows.

apt-get install opensc openct ...

        card_atr 3b:f2:18:00:02:c1:0a:31:fe:58:c8:09:75 {
                driver = "cardos";
                type = "1002";

openssl genrsa -out key 1024
openssl req -new -key key -out tg.csr
pkcs15-init -ECT
pkcs15-init -PT -a 1 -l etoken -v
pkcs15-init -S key -a 1 -u sign,decrypt --split-key
# Sign from CA
pkcs15-init -X tg-signed.crt -v -a 1

pkcs11-providers /usr/lib/opensc/opensc-pkcs11.so
pkcs11-slot-type "label"
pkcs11-slot "OpenSC Card (etoken)"
pkcs11-id-type "subject"
pkcs11-id "/C=DE/ST=Bayern/L=Erlangen/..."

I got ssh-agent also working. At the moment I am only able to use 1024
bit RSA keys under Linux. ssh-agent and openvpn doesn't work at the same
time. :-( It seems that OpenVPN keeps the connection open and blocks
ssh-agent from doing anything with the smart-card.
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