Access Server Admin Guide: DB Convert

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Tools: DB Convert, provides you the ability to convert Access Server’s default SQLite database into MySQL. This feature is very helpful when converting the Access Server configuration to Cluster or using RDS.

DB Convert page.

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Convert a SQLite Database to MySQL


There are two requirements to convert the SQLite database to MySQL:

  1. The server must have libmysqlclient-dev installed. If you do not have this installed, please click here.
  2. You must have a MySQL or MySQL compatible server prepared. If you do not, you can click here to prepare an Amazon RDS (a MySQL compatible server).

Once these are prepared, you can convert your Access Servers database to MySQL.

Converting the Database

To convert the database to MySQL, you will need four credentials to execute the conversion: Hostname/IP, MySQL port, MySQL username, and MySQL password. These are all credentials that you should have when configuring the MySQL server. If you are not aware of these, refer here for more information. Once you have inputted the credentials, click the Convert DB button to execute.

After the Conversion

After the SQLite database has successfully converted into the MySQL database, all information relating to any previous Access Servers is overwritten. The MySQL database will have the credentials of the SQLite database. Essentially, this database can be used for Access Server's Cluster configuration and it will maintain the credentials applied when using the SQLite database.


Converting from SQLite to MySQL is a feature Access Server provides to help convert from the default configuration to the Cluster configuration. You have the capability of keeping your credentials when converting from one to another. It adds to the numerous amount of failover features provided by Access Server.