Status: Overview

About the Page

Each time you log in to the Admin Web UI, you start on the landing page, Status Overview. This page displays information regarding your active configuration of Access Server. You also have the choice to stop the server by clicking Stop the Server.

Landing page (Status Overview) for Admin Web UI.

status overview page

Active Configuration

This section provides relevant information of the current status of your Access Server.

Access Server Version

The current version of your Access Server product

Server Name

The URL or the IP address of the Server

Allowed VPN Connections

How many VPN connections your product has (2 are free)

Current Active Users

How many current active connections to the Access Servers from the clients

Authenticate Users With

How users are authenticated:

Accepting VPN Client Connections On IP Address

The IP address or Domain for client connections

Port for VPN Client Connections

The TCP and UDP ports

OSI Layer

The default is layer 3 routed mode, where the server functions like a router, for the most part. It is possible to operate in layer 2 bridging mode, where the server operates like a network switch or hub, for the most part.

Clients Access Private Subnets Using

Displays the method for remapping IP addresses


The general name of the Access Server, or the name of the individual node if the server is configured as a cluster of Access Server nodes.


Links for Access Server Documentation functionality. They include Clustering, Configuration, Command line, and Client Connection:



The Status: Overview page provides information at-a-glance about your Access Server. To make changes to these settings, the admin will need to navigate to the Configuration Menu. For more information about Activation Keys, please click here.