Configuration: TLS

About the Page

The Configuration: TLS Settings page allows you to adjust the TLS settings for the OpenVPN protocol (tunnel) and the Access Server web server. 

Note: Access Server uses OpenSSL as the SSL library.

TLS options for VPN Server

To configure the TLS options for the OpenVPN protocol, click the toggle to select the minimum TLS protocol to use. The default is TLS 1.2.

Not all OpenVPN clients support the minimum TLS protocols setting which may result in some clients not being able to connect to the server. When possible, we recommend updating older clients to use improved security protocols.

Changing these settings here may restart the web server. Ensure you refresh your browser to reload the page after the server restarts.

TLS options for Web Server

To choose between TLS options for the Access Server web server, toggle between the different protocol versions. The default is TLS 1.2. Toggling these settings will also cause the server to restart. Again, refresh your browser when you change settings.


The ​Configuration: TLS Settings​ page provides a method to change the lowest minimum TLS protocol for both the OpenVPN tunnel and the web server. It prevents Access Server and the web server from having multiple minimum protocols.